Identidad Madidi BITÁCORA DE VIAJE

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An early breakfast at the Monasterio was followed by three ping-pong trips to our first camp site – “Camp Micrurus”, named after a beautiful coral snake encountered three weeks ago on the stake out for this study site. Beyond the Cabrayo or Altuncama escarpment, which with its steep rise and strange sandstone rock formations has the feel of Jurassic World, we arrived at the Machariapo River about 700 meters from the limit of Madidi National Park between the communities of San Jose and Sarayoj. We set camp along the rather precarious road to minimize impact on the gallery forest. During the day a splendidly bright male Andean cock-of-the-rock (Rupicola peruvianus) visited camp posing for our photographers, as if as a welcoming host. As we finished setting up tents and sat down for dinner thoughts and conversation turned to the work ahead over the coming days.
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